The Fastest Woman In The World Sha’Carri Richardson, She Won On The Outside Lane

Southern Dallas Magazine Exclusive

The world was watching with bated breath. The young lady from Oak Cliff was about to run the race of her life and she did. What was most amazing is how she did it and against whom she did it. The field was littered with the greatest 100m meter runners on the planet; from the reigning 100m queen, Shelly-Anne Fraser, to 200m champion, Shericka Jackson, and they were ready. Millions of people from all over the globe tuned in to watch the race of the ages. They were not disappointed unless they were rooting for Jamaica. If she had lost, many would have been disappointed, but not terribly shocked or surprised due to the level of competition.

To say that she shocked the world is an understatement! This new version of Sha’Carri Richardson is like watching two different people. She is brimming with confidence and it is beautiful to see. When the runners lined up, the world grew quiet waiting for the gun to go off. Bang and they were off! Sha’Carri had her normal start, albeit a little faster. Then she began to close the gap between Shelly- Ann Fraser and Shericka Jackson and it was over. Sha’Carri Richardson became the fastest woman in the world running a shocking fast 10.65 and accomplished this in the outside lane! She ran a 10.65 in line 9 and many say it is not a good lane. Now, I do not know if this is a true statement, but in researching lane assignments for a straight way 100m race, some race professionals believe you cannot see enough to know where you are in relation to the other runners. Nevertheless, she ran the absolute best race of her life against the two fastest women on the planet to become the fastest woman in the world! It was quite a remarkable sight. Sha’ Carri also said that 9 was her number and that she is just in her own world in that lane, not looking around to the left or right, just straight ahead.

Not that long ago, Sha’Carri was battling personal and professional struggles. Her biological mother died, she was not able to run in the Olympics due to using the banned substance marijuana, she had not fared well in some of the race competitions, and it appeared that it would be a long uphill climb to her rise as a track star. Sha’Carri did it! She returned as a stronger, more focused, and more intent athlete than we had ever seen. She even looked better, like a bright star glowing in the night sky. Many people doubted she could even come back. In her own words she said, “I’m not back, I’m better.” No truer words could have been said. You see, she believed in herself, she believed God gave her this talent and she was going to use it to the best of her ability. Those who never doubted her, are not surprised by the 23-year-old’s success. She was raised by her grandmother in Dallas, Oak Cliff specifically, graduated from David W. Carter High School and went on to have immense success at LSU. Her story is one of perseverance, overcoming obstacles, keeping her faith in God, and not giving up on herself no matter what people said. When asked by a reporter about how the world perceives her, Sha’Carri beautifully said, “I’m not worried about the world anymore. I’ve seen the world be my friend and I’ve seen the world turn on me.”

Sha’Carri sights are now set on the Paris Olympics 2024 and from what we have seen thus far from the fastest woman in the world, her best is yet to come!

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