Precious Metals Dealer David Wren CEO of Prosperity Mint Opens Grand Location In Arlington!

David Wren is the Founder and CEO of Prosperity Mint, one of largest African American owned precious metals dealers in the nation and world for that matter. We are so grateful that he carved time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about precious metals investing and why we should all have precious metals in our investment portfolio.
SDM- David, you have created a powerful company that deals in precious metals. You are the only African American precious metals company in Texas based on my research. Before we go to far, tell us a little about yourself. You are originally from California, correct?
David-   I’m originally from Hackensack, NJ, but most  of my adult life was spent in California within the City of Los Angeles. However, growing up in New Jersey really shaped my work ethics and perseverance.
SDM- You were also in law enforcement as a police officer. How did you get in the precious metals business?
David- Yes, I was police officer in the City of Los Angeles for about 15 years sworn and 3 years as a reserve. Being a police officer was a childhood dream and after fulfilling that, I then decided to focus on my adult dreams. Those dreams were much more essential to my core independence and sacramental cause, which was always the precious metals. I had an immediate affection for the precious metals as far back as I can remember into my early childhood. I mean it was almost instantaneous for me because at an early age I loved everything that had value, or anything which was valuable. I loved the fact that it was called precious metals, which meant to me that it was prized and as a metal, it certainly had to be a priceless form of strength. God’s Money to be more exact and precise.
SDM- Your company, Prosperity Mint,  teaches classes about precious metals. Is that right?
David- Yes, teaching about the proper way to accumulate the precious metals is critically important. You know control of money is our economic power “Achilles Heel” we own all the debt and control none of the money. We OWN Everything AND CONTROL NOTHING! Teaching is our primary responsibility and obligation to the people.
SDM- How long has your company been in business? You recently moved from Downtown Dallas to a beautiful new space in Arlington. Congratulations to you on the big move! What made your choose Arlington and that building?
David- Officially we’ve been in business since 2014, but started moving into business around late 2009 early 2010. Thank you, James. I first saw our current building in 2016 and told our V.P. it was the building we needed to buy. So, when I saw it on the market, I threw our hat in. During the purchasing process, things took a turn for the worse, but not from our doing.  I walked over to the very spot I first saw the building, at the seat of adversity and looked up, to see staring right back at me was our company’s ‘tree’ logo. Immediately, I knew this building was built for us and our calling. So, I counted it as divine intervention.
SDM- For people who have never bought precious metals before, why should they chose to invest in them? Is it very expensive to do so?
David- I would say starting where you are is the most important step. The fundamental reason is that you work too hard for the energy of your labor to be harvested for someone else’s wealth building. You should chose to build your wealth with the energy of your labor. I believe in this thing about what a wage is and what’s your wage(s). The wage of a King and Queen (what they are paid for the output of their energy) is silver! Every King and Queen is paid in silver. The wage of a Lady or a Gentleman (someone who works for the royal agenda) is paid in Gold.  Finally, the wage of a slave is debt; every slave is paid in debt. Think about how does the global economy see you? Does it pay you like a King, Queen, a Lady or Gentleman? No most likely the system see you as a debt slave wage earner. God’s Money is a way “the slave Becomes King/Queen.”  No, this isn’t expensive at all, but more than necessary to regain our “Season Of Exodus”.
SDM- You eventually will also be a depository for precious metals. Why is this important?
David- A depository is critically important because it allow us to control a Teir 1 financial asset, which our clients will directly benefit from.  Also, it puts us in the position to be the only Black controlled depository in the world. We must bring our own chair to the table, which creates our holistic sphere of influence.
SDM- What are some of the most important business lessons that you’ve learned? Being a successful entrepreneur is hard work!
David- Wow, the most important business lessons that I’ve learned and still currently learning are:
 a) Learned- When it comes to business stepping into this blood sport requires so much, some say funding, some say mentorship, others say experience. I learned for me the most important thing was and is ENERGY! You must be able to charge yourself nonstop. You must endure without end. You can’t become an empty tank that doesn’t move anywhere or anymore. I say ENERGY over it all!!!
 b) Learning now- Seek advice from these three types of people. A Wise Person, a Person of Conformation (POC) and The Foolish Person. You take directions from them all: The wise tells you the solid path, while your POC gives you conformation and most important the fool tells you WHAT NOT TO DO. An important key is sometimes your wise becomes the fool, and your fool becomes the wise. You have to be keen enough to recognize the switch. Especially when you have become the fool.
SDM- You are an unabashed man of faith! Your faith in Jesus Christ is quite evident. How has your faith made a difference in your business?
David- I believe we can’t just be reader of the word and doers of the word only. There is also. I think, another enlightening part that we often overlook . As you are doers of the word, don’t forget to make yourself available to God almighty to be continuous writers of the word.
SDM- If someone is interested in contacting you about buying precious metals or taking a class on precious metals investing? How can they reach you?
David- Purchasing the metals can be done via our website or email me at to schedule a visit at our showroom : Prosperity Mint Coin & Memorabilia: 501 E. Border St #100,  Arlington TX 76010 Phone number (214) 643-6148
SDM- Any words of wisdom that you would like to leave for our readers?
David-I would like to remind us that the first step to becoming wealthy is you must first become a prodigious saver and seeder in God’s money. A form of money which has never reneged.

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