Matters Of the Heart!

By Tara & Fredrick Robinson

Guarding your heart is more than just advice – it’s a fundamental principle that influences every aspect of our lives. The heart, encompassing our mind, will, and emotions, serves as the epicenter from which the ISSUES of life flow. From seemingly mundane choices like what we eat to more significant decisions involving relationships and finances, our hearts play a pivotal role. In this discourse, let’s focus on the nexus between our hearts and will.

Our will grants us the power of choice – the ability to navigate life by deciding when to pause, move forward, take control, surrender, release, reminisce, or anticipate. Consider this: on an average day, per research, we make approximately 35,000 choices, translating to about 2000 choices per hour. It’s an overwhelming number, but do we conscientiously contemplate the impact of our choices on our heart’s well-being?

The will, a gift that empowers us to make decisions for our physical and spiritual welfare, demands safeguarding. Similarly, picture your heart as a multi-chambered bank account – one for home, another for family and friends, a third for work, and the last for leisure activities. Achieving a harmonious life necessitates maintaining these chambers in a positive balance. Will our choices lead to bankruptcy? Will choosing unhealthy foods or having no boundaries with loved ones disrupt your income?

However, just because we can make choices doesn’t mean we should make every choice. The approach to guarding our hearts lies in a discerning and intentional use of our will. Your heart is not just metaphorically important; it is the center of your existence. Your pulse is the confirmation of life, proof of a beating heart.

As we confront the uphill battle against heart disease, we must remember the role our will plays. When faced with alarming numbers at the doctor’s office or when your body signals that something isn’t right, take a moment to check your will. Make the necessary adjustments to preserve and enhance your heart’s wealth. Think of it as a strategic investment in becoming a millionaire – not just in monetary terms but in the currency of a vibrant and healthy life. Your heart deserves the best, and your will is the key to unlocking that wealth of health.


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