Brenea Proctor

Brenea Proctor & the UpliftHER Foundation

Our Community Spotlight

The UpliftHER Foundation is a 501(c)3 Non Profit organization based in Dallas, TX. UpliftHER was founded in 2019, by Brenea Proctor, who sought out to be the change for women that she wished to see in the world. UpliftHER has assisted over 500 women across the U.S. with initiatives like, Groceries for Single Moms, UH Scholarship Program, Community Feeding, and more! The primary focus of UpliftHER is to inspire women to be who they were called to be.

Brenea Proctor‘s non profit interest sparked after working in the nonprofit industry in South Dallas, TX for 4 years. Proctor began to work with many underserved women in the community who were having a difficult time keeping their heads above water. Unfortunately, there was only so much that Brenea could do as an employee, so she decided to begin her own program to truly be the change that she wanted to see within the community. Her first initiative was a back to school giveaway, where she served over 200 women and children in DFW with feminine products, toiletries, food, school supplies and backpacks. Soon after the first event held by UpliftHER, COVID-19 struck our entire nation and negatively impacted the association as a whole. As time went on, donations began to drop, all meetings became virtual, and giveaways came to a halt. Without losing faith, UpliftHER continued their initiatives despite the pandemic, and gave out virtual scholarships, sent funds virtually for groceries, and provided virtual career readiness training to high school students.

In 2023, the UpliftHER Foundation is back to 100% in-person initiatives and events. UpliftHER is also beginning a new initiative this year, where they will be visiting women who are incarcerated, and provide them with resources for employment, education, and a fair chance to gain custody of their children (if applicable). In August of 2023, UpliftHER Foundation will host their first Women’s Brunch in Dallas County, where they will be honoring minority women within the nonprofit industry, and celebrate the women and girls that they’ve helped over the years. UpliftHER Foundation provides many services for the community, such as: Mentorship Programs for girls ages 10-18, UH Workshops, where the public is able to learn about career readiness and financial literacy, Monthly Giveaways, such as our Food Pantry, Holiday Giveaways, Bill Assistance, Infant support and more! A vital part of the UpliftHER Foundation is building community. UpliftHER Foundation hosts mission trips, bible study, spa retreats, brunches, book clubs and more! UpliftHER provides an opportunity for women to truly excel in life, and get a second chance at  being who they were called to be as women, daughters, moms, wives, and friends.

Please stay tuned for more updates for UpliftHER Foundation at or send an email at Our website includes ways to donate, volunteer, and nominate board members for our program.


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