From Covid To Conqueror, Michele Gomez-Leffall

From Covid To Conqueror, CEO & Founder Of Absolute Allied Health Michele Gomez-Leffall Discusses How Her Company Is Helping People Find Employment In The Medical Field!

A Southern Dallas Magazine Exclusive

SDM- Michele it’s a real honor to interview you! Before we talk about your company, tell us a little about yourself. You’re from Compton, California. What brought you to Texas?

Michele- My parents moved me and my sisters to California at an early stage in our lives. Our parents suffered from addiction, which caused us to go through a whirlwind of seasons in our childhood and into our adulthood. We were the epitome of all the people I serve in the community today. These circumstances good and bad made me who I am today. After many hardships, I realized I needed to get away from it all and start over. I moved to Texas as a single mother of 2 in my twenties. During that time, I managed to earn my Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, NCT Xray, and Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) Diplomas, as well as start my 1st business, Absolute CPR Training.

SDM- Your career had been in nursing, but you became sick with Covid and almost died! You lost your job, but God had something much better in store for you! Tell us about your journey to being the CEO and Founder of Absolute Allied Health Academy in Duncanville, TX.

Michele- I was working as a LVN HH hospice nurse during Covid, a mother of 6 and married now. Unfortunately, I fell ill, was admitted in the hospital, and struggled with my health. The end result was it affected my heart and lungs, which is still current today. I remember praying to God. I went from asking why me, to Lord if you please heal me and get me back to my children, husband, and father, I’m going to be a walking testimony. I thought I was going to die. Unemployed, body was inflicted, and depression set in. But God, He gave me time to focus. I thank God for Covid. I started focusing on GOD and all aspects of my life, family, and business. I opened a free Covid screening/vaccination clinic, TVFC Children’s Vaccine Clinic, CLIA Laboratory and my vocational college Absolute Allied Health Academy, all while finishing my Nursing degree to become a RN.

SDM- Wow! What a story! What would you say makes Absolute Allied Health Academy different from other medical career schools?

Michele- Our approach is different than other schools. We get to know our students. My staff and I understand the road that many of them are traveling because we were once there. In my experience, many times life got in the way of achieving my goals and I had to quit. Debt was gained, but no diploma. As a business owner I understand this, but I also understand that students need an advocate and a second chance in some cases. We make a true effort to guide, advocate and encourage them. They know that we see them! No one said it would be easy. There will be sleepless nights, tears, and stress. From the first day of orientation, we teach the importance of affirming oneself. We teach life lessons in addition to the medical healthcare knowledge that will allow them to finish the program and be successful in the field.

SDM- I was reading some reviews about your school and the one thing that stood out is how the students felt you cared so much about them as people and not just another student. Would you agree to that?

Michele- Yes. I can’t help but see the old me in them. Some may say this is a curse and a blessing at times. But I can’t help it, I must help. This is what my father instilled in me. You must be a servant and a servant’s heart gives. I must be sure to make sure they see what I see in them, their potential and growth over their circumstances. It’s not an easy task. But someone must do it.

SDM- How long are most of your programs and do you also help place graduates into jobs?

Michele- Our programs are 4 weeks to 20 weeks. They are in-person, online/hybrid, and distance learning. The schedules are flexible in the sense where the working adult or parent no longer must choose family/job versus education. Yes we assist with job placement, and we have outside providers that we have partnered with that assist with paid training if they qualify. This is something that many other schools do not have. We work diligently in finding all the resources we can to allow them to walk away debt free or as little as possible.

SDM- What are some of the programs you offer at Absolute Allied Health Academy? Also, do the careers your students go into have good starting pay?

Michele- In the Accelerated Medical Assistant Program, they can obtain Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, and EKG Technician certifications in as little as 12 weeks or 20 weeks. The Accelerated Nurse Assistant & Patient Technician can be completed in 8 weeks.

We are currently working on Dental Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Administrative Medical Assistant. and Medical Billing and Coding to launch in November. Our students start off making $17-$23 an hour.

SDM- Let’s talk about cost. Sometimes a person wants to go to school, but the cost is more than they can afford. Would you say your school is affordable? Do you offer scholarships?

Michele- We are affordable for sure. I am pleased to say that 99% of our students have finished the program debt free with no loans, not even FASFA. We have worked with outside agencies that have provided literally free grants scholarships to our students who qualify. Our students come from all walks of life no matter, whether they are from low poverty areas and suburbs. Their barriers are their qualifiers. If they do not qualify in this route, we as an institution give them other options as well. I personally feel no one should have to go into debt trying to achieve their education.

SDM- Michele, you are doing some really great things at Absolute Allied Health Academy and making a real difference in the lives of the people who attend your school. If anyone wants to get into the medical field, they should attend your school! What’s the best way for someone who may be reading this to get more information? Is there a website they can go to, phone number they can call, or follow you on social media?

Michele- Yes, they can visit our website and click on the contact page link. We also encourage them to call 469-759-6999 or 972-499-5165 and schedule a tour of the school. We are on all social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. If they go to our website, they can also chat with a live person to get set up. We have open enrollment, so classes start twice a month.

SDM- Are there parting words of wisdom you can leave with our readers or anything else that we may have not covered?

Michele- It’s never too late to take a chance on you. There are things in life we have no control over, never allow them to affect the things that we do. Don’t allow the seasons in your life to halt your progress and goals. Seasons are meant to make you stronger. Learn from them and invite them! Our seasons are seasons of preparation and the only time we should be concerned about that season is if the same season and storms continue to repeat itself. That means you are not changing, and you are not allowing God to direct you. Affirm yourself today! Sometimes we get so caught up in winning the war that we forget to give ourselves credit for all the battles that we won along the way!! Stay blessed and encouraged in all you do and know your time is coming.

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