Spring Break at The Modern Museum of Art, Fort Worth

By Darryl Ratcliff

One of the great benefits of culture is that it provides enjoyment, education, engagement, reflection, and entertainment across generations. For families looking for opportunities to engage their kids and young people, a trip to The Modern Museum of Art, Fort Worth will be an inspired decision and an inspiring time. The Modern’s Spring Break experience combines art, family activities, and delicious treats, and takes place from March 11 to March 15.


Although every day of the year, kids under 18 get free admission, during Spring Break– it’s FREE for ALL at The Modern! In fact if you visit The Modern on Monday they are offering a special treat for the little ones. From 11 am to 2 pm at Café Modern, enjoy complimentary hot dogs and lemonade for kids (while supplies last). It’s the perfect way to refuel during your art-filled day.


While at The Modern enjoy the ART Break Family Studio on March 11 and 15 from 11 am to 3 pm. Engage in hands-on gallery projects and conversations with community artists and Modern docents. Unleash your artistic side as you collaborate on building unique works with your family and others. Once you are done taking a break explore the Modern’s permanent collection and the special exhibition, Surrealism and Us: Caribbean and African Diasporic Artists since 1940. Participate in conversations with community artists and docents, and contribute to collaborative works on the free days, Monday and Friday.


This special exhibition, “Surrealism and Us: Caribbean and African Diasporic Artists since 1940” curated by the visionary María Elena Ortiz, is reason enough to visit The Modern, even without all the great Spring Break fun. This groundbreaking showcase promises an immersive experience from March 10 to July 28, 2024.

Step into a world where Surrealism meets Caribbean and African diasporic narratives. “Surrealism and Us” unfolds as an intergenerational dialogue, offering over 50 works spanning diverse mediums such as painting, sculpture, drawing, video, and installation. It’s an unmissable opportunity to explore the nuanced expressions of Black and Caribbean artists who have enriched the global art landscape.

María Elena Ortiz’s curation transcends borders, offering a global perspective on how Caribbean and Black artists reinterpreted the Surrealist movement. With connections to the Afrosurreal in the United States, the exhibition unveils international networks of creative exchange, highlighting the rich connections between Caribbean and American

“Surrealism and Us” unfolds through three thematic lenses—”To Dare,” “Invisibility,” and “Super/Reality.” Each theme delves into the marvelous, the absurd, and the spiritual, providing a comprehensive understanding of how artists engaged with Surrealism across different eras.

Inspired by Suzanne Césaire’s essay “1943: Surrealism and Us,” the exhibition pays homage to the roots of Surrealism in the Caribbean. Artworks from the 1940s to the present day resonate with a pre-existing history of Black resistance and creativity, demonstrating how Caribbean and Black artists reshaped the European avant-garde for their own purposes.

The exhibition boasts an impressive roster of artists, including Benny Andrews, Firelei Báez, Kerry James Marshall, Ana Mendieta, Wangechi Mutu, Kara Walker, and more. These diverse voices contribute to a rich tapestry of perspectives, inviting visitors to engage with the multifaceted nature of Surrealism in diasporic contexts.

In March, it is the perfect time to take yourself, your family and friends, and the young people in your life for a trip to The Modern. Whether it is to enjoy some free treats at the Cafe, art workshops by artists and museum educators, or breathtaking visual art in the permanent collection or the special exhibition, one is sure to have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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