Lakisha Thomas, Principal of the Year!

Southern Dallas Magazine congratulates Principal Lakisha Thomas, as our Principal of the Year!

Ms. Thomas is the Principal of Roosevelt High School in Dallas and she was recently on the Ellen Show! She didn’t know it was coming but she was gifted $10,000! She has been in the field of education for over 20 years and she said she just knew the field of education is where God called her. She calls of her students, “scholars” as she believes if you speak greatness into the lives of people, that’s what they will become. We celebrate all of our teachers because teaching is a very hard job. The pay isn’t as much as it should be, teachers have to deal with unruly students, parents that never think their child does anything wrong and with administrators who are demanding more and more of them. We should keep all of teachers in prayer daily as they have to take on so much. My wife is a teacher, so I know the life a teacher leads! We celebrate Principal Lakisha Thomas and all of our teachers and principals for this 2022 school year! We love you for all you do! Keep on being great for our students! Make sure to check out her interview on the Ellen Show on YouTube. It was great!

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