How Local Breast Cancer Survivor, Karla Mingo, turned her Pain into Passion

For most, October marks the official start of sweater weather, pumpkin spice latté season, and the official countdown to Christmas. But for DeSoto resident, Karla Mingo, the month of October holds much more significance. 

For Mingo, October marks the start of Breast Cancer Awareness month, a month of commemoration, which she shares with hundreds of thousands of women around the globe. Many of these women will take to the streets of their resident cities to walk, wear pink ribbon t-shirts and frilly skirts, and shout or sing their own personal anthems, which include the word SURVIVOR. Mingo is one of those proud women – a survivor.

“Although I have made it a part of my mission to support other survivors all year around, the month of October presents an even greater opportunity to give back, inspire and support other breast cancer survivors, because of the heightened awareness the month brings.”

In the midst of planning her dream wedding back in 2017, Mingo noticed a nodule in her left breast she had never noticed before, so she had it checked out. Then on March 3, 2017, she got the call that changed everything. The nodule was actually a malignant tumor. In the weeks following her breast cancer diagnosis, she was given the option of having a lumpectomy to remove the malignant mass, or a double mastectomy to remove both breasts, as a preventative measure. 

“I made the decision of having a double mastectomy with breast reconstruction surgery,” Mingo says, “along with the decision to postpone my wedding, which was extremely hard for me. Life as I knew it changed forever, at that point.”

The weight, fear, and pressure that followed Mingo’s diagnosis, which she now considers to be part of her journey and what she refers to as her “faith files,” led her to write her book, “Peace, Passion and Purpose, Making Your Life Lessons Your Blessings,” published in 2018. Through prayer, journaling, and sharing with others, Mingo has since created a platform, in which she proudly shares her faith in God and her life lessons, in an effort to encourage and motivate others to also turn their pain and tragedies into purpose, passion and triumph!

“Since that time, I wanted to continue sharing my message through my passion for creating cozy and inspiring spaces, which led to the launch of my YouTube channel in 2020,” Mingo says. “So in 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, Karla Mingo Home was born to continue my mission to help breast cancer patients and survivors, and others by creating cozy, inspiring spaces at home with beautiful candles and self-care luxury, through my natural body care products.”

She adds, “it was important to have products that are not only good for you, but good for the planet too.”

Most of Karla Mingo Home products are items that can be re-purposed. She takes pride in preparation and packaging for the women and organizations, some of which are dedicated to assisting breast cancer survivors, and many of which she provides her products and services to, free of charge. Angels Surviving Cancer, Inc., Celebrating Life Foundation, and Sisters Network Dallas,  are just a few of the organizations where she donates her time and talent.


So when SDCM asked Mingo, what’s next for her and how others, who are seeking to make a difference and give back, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month can do so, her response was simple:

“I plan to keep giving and growing. I looked at my cancer as an opportunity to let God use me and I encourage others to do the same,” she says. “That opportunity may be hard at first, but when you allow yourself to get still, get quiet, and connect with God and yourself, on a deeper level, you will find meaning and purpose.”

She adds, “and for the friend or family member that may be struggling with cancer, it’s super important to show that person optimism and encouragement instead of pity and sadness.”


And by the way, a few months after her diagnosis, Mingo finally got her dream wedding. She and her husband, Mark, just recently celebrated their fifth year anniversary and are looking forward to many years of success, empty-nesting, and freedom from cancer. 

For more information on Karla Mingo and how you can support her mission, her passion, and products, please visit her website at You can also find her on social media platforms at Instagram: Karla Mingo Home, Facebook: Karla Mingo Home and YouTube: Karla Mingo.

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