“Homeless No More” Celebrates 38th Graduating Class

By: Brenda Franco

Dallas LIFE’s ‘Homeless No More Program’ held its 38th graduation ceremony to celebrate the graduation of six former homeless DFW residents who successfully completed the 10-month program. The August 2023 graduating class included men, women, and senior citizens, who have overcome their past issues to fully recover from homelessness. The Homeless No More Program has now graduated more than 670 residents!

“For many, life has hit them hard, and it hasn’t been an easy life. Recovery takes time and hard work and we’re proud to be a resource in the community to help people get back on their feet,” said Bob Sweeney, executive director at Dallas LIFE.

Christopher Jones is one of the six who graduated and was chosen to speak at graduation on his time in the program and how it has had made a difference in his life.

“When I first came here, I didn’t think this program would fit in with my life because I have kids and couldn’t be away from them. But because of my kids, I stayed in the program, and it completely changed my life,” said Jones. “Dallas LIFE and God have given me opportunities I never knew were available to me, like a job at Methodist Hospital.”

All graduates have acquired employment and are securing their own housing, re-entering society as contributing members.

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