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When you think of a titan in the building of custom homes, you should think of Stacie Stewart! She is the CEO and Founder of BWI Contractors. Her luxury custom homes are scattered all throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. She has been in the business well over 20 years and has seen and weathered the boom-and-bust times in real estate. Stacie has been featured in the Fort Worth Business Press, magazines and also honored with a Quest For Success Award! Not only has she experienced success in building, but she also now consults and helps those who would like to get into the business of being home builders themselves! Her toolbox is illed with the knowledge and wisdom of the home building business, and she says she can teach anyone to do it themselves and be successful at it if they have the will and desire. Her road was not an easy one though, as she at one time faced being homeless, going through a bad divorce and even having a domestic violence felony. Thank goodness those days are long behind her now and her full concentration is her family, faith, business and giving back to the community.

SDM- Stacie, you have a dynamic and thriving home building business! You do a lot of building in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, but you are not originally from this area. Tell us where you are from and why you made the DFW area your home.

Stacie- I was born in Venezuela and grew up in MD, DC and VA rehabbing and flipping in the area before moving to Dallas in 2000. I moved to Dallas because the land cost to build was expensive in my hometown. When visiting Dallas, I purchased land and decided to move here to start my construction company.

SDM- You’ve been in the home building business for well over 20 years. How did you get started in the business? The home building business tends to be male dominated, what drew you in?

Stacie- I got started by learning the lending and financing side of the business by becoming a loan officer with a bank and later became my own lender and learned how the investors were making money. So I began purchasing distressed properties and fixing them up to lease some and to sell some. I did lending, leasing and flipping for a few years before evolving into a fulltime builder. I was drawn into building because I loved the fix and flip business so much that I wanted to learn how to build it from the ground up. The men pushed me out of this business and still are, but they can’t break me down. It only makes me better and bigger. Building is my passion and I am not going anywhere any time soon.

SDM- Your company, BWI Contractors, has completed some phenomenal projects. Do you only focus on building luxury homes? Also, what areas do you build in?

Stacie- Thank you and my team is amazing. We do not only focus on building luxury homes, but we build moderately priced homes, as well as multifamily, commercial and pocket communities. We build all over the Dallas and Ft. Worth Metroplex area and have over 100 houses starting in 2023-2024.

SDM- You chose the name BWI Contractors for your company. BWI stands for Building With Integrity. What made you choose that name?

Stacie-I have had different entities since 1998 and have gone through hardship in my life and with this male dominated business, due to being involved with people who lack integrity. When I started over from losing it all, I refused to associate myself with any unscrupulous people. I said I would name my business and brand with integrity and only hire folks that practice integrity, have good intentions, positive energy and take pride in their work. I am done fooling with chickens and now soaring with the eagles.

SDM- You have built lots of homes over the years. Is there any home that stands out and even amazes you?

Stacie- The house built that stands out in my career was my first model home that I designed and built with passion located in Eagle Mountain Lake in FT, inside of my first subdivision with my company billboard, and filled with all of my designs. The other project that stands out is a daycare center we built and operated.

SDM- Although you are doing very well today, that hasn’t always been the case. You went through
some very tough times years ago in your business and personally. You shared with me that at once you were homeless living in a daycare van due to the rough divorce, went broke and even had to spend a stint in jail. You have gone from being a millionaire at one time, to broke, and back to millionaire again! Take us through those trying times and how you came back.


tacie- I was doing well before the market crashed in 2008-2010 and thereafter it destroyed my business, marriage and my life. Home sales experienced a decline and I was not able to sell my inventory from the subdivision I was almost closing out. My marriage was failing, my finances were depleting rapidly and I had no other source of income. I spent my last funds on building a daycare that became very successful, but by the time it was built and filled to capacity, I experienced domestic violence. The assault charges
were classified as family violence, thus resulting in not being able to run my center. I hired the wrong staff to oversee my center and it failed. I kept a van that became
my home for a few months, until I was inspired by my friend, Toni Edwards, to start building again. I borrowed $5,000 and Toni guided me where to purchase a lot
for $5,000. I was able to finance the construction loan with hard money and later sold that home for a large profit that allowed me to get back up.

SDM- What a story. Going through all of that would have broken many people and they couldn’t have come back, but you did. Now that you are back and thriving again, you now have a consulting business that helps others become builders themselves! You take them by the hand and teach them the entire process of how to build, to finance and so much more. Tell us about that and what it entails; it sounds very exciting, and you say anyone can do it.

Stacie- Yes, I have hit rock-bottom, but it taught me that faith and knowledge, drive and determination is the key to rising back up. In 25 years, I have gained the knowledge on how to become a builder the successful way that will make a world of difference. I actively consult with individuals that want to build and learn how to do it themselves. The consultation services allows an individual to learn the do’s and don’ts of this business from A-to-Z and ensure they are equipped with subcontractors, lenders and the resources necessary to be successful.

SDM- What types of people would be a good candidate for this program that you teach?

Stacie- Individuals that have some type of drive to be successful, hard workers, coachable, have a desire to be independent and make money investing in real estate, have
land or access to some overall general basic real estate knowledge or experience.

SDM- Not only do you build homes and have this successful consulting program, but you are also a mother. How do you balance motherhood and business?

Stacie- It was challenging to manage motherhood when my daughter was younger. It was extremely difficult being a single mother juggling my family life and growing my business. To be successful, I was determined to find time for her and to keep growing my business.

SDM- Stacie, your story is both inspirational and cautionary. I see a book coming out soon! Are there any words of advice or wisdom that you would like to share with our readers?

Stacie- I am seeking to start the process of writing a book about my life, and the struggles and pitfalls along my journey; and another book/courses outlining how to build from A-to-Z. I have over 25 years of real estate and construction experience and knowledge that I would like to share for those who aspire to be in this business. I could save them a lot of heartache, money, and frustration that would ultimately make them more successful right out the gate.

SDM- For those who are interested in learning more about getting into the home building business, how can they reach you and how can people follow you on social media?

Stacie- Anyone that is interested in learning how to get in the business and would like to be consulted with can reach me on 817-618-3002 or via e-mail at Sstewart@bwicontractors.com or info@bwicontractors.com.
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