Global Apex Elite to Launch with Juneteenth Business Summit in Dallas

In a landmark move to empower minority-owned businesses and address the racial wealth gap, Global Apex Elite (GAE), an Entrepreneurial Enhancement Organization, is set to launch on June 15th at Gilley’s Dallas. The event, starting at 5 pm, will coincide with the 2024 Juneteenth Business Summit, marking a significant step in fostering economic growth and community development.

Global Apex Elite was founded by seven visionary business owners and community leaders, known as the “Apex 7.” These trailblazers bring a wealth of experience and dedication to their mission of empowering minority-owned businesses.

The founders are:

  • Aelicia ‘Chocolate’ Watson, CEO of Redeemed Women
  • Amy Redix, CEO of Lux Realty
  • Antong Lucky, CEO of Urban Specialist
  • David Johnson, CEO of Triple D Acquisitions
  • Dr. Latame Phillips, CEO of Hunger Busters
  • Thana Simmons, CEO of Viola’s House
  • Terrance Sauls, Vice President of Commercial Lending for CrossFirst Bank

The launch event promises to be a dynamic and insightful gathering, featuring a round table discussion where the Apex 7 will share their career journeys, including the valleys and low points they have navigated. This candid conversation aims to inspire and provide valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In addition to the discussion, the event will offer high-level networking opportunities with high-net-worth individuals, creating a fertile ground for forging new business relationships and collaborations.

Global Apex Elite will also unveil membership opportunities during the summit. Members will have access to in-depth business planning, mastermind mindset motivation sessions, and additional networking opportunities, all designed to foster entrepreneurial success and economic empowerment.
GAE’s mission is clear and ambitious: to close the racial wealth gap by empowering minority-owned businesses. By creating a supportive and influential network, GAE aims to drive economic growth within communities that have historically been marginalized.

“We are committed to creating a platform that not only supports minority entrepreneurs but also amplifies their voices and opportunities,” said Aleceia ‘Chocolate’ Watson, one of the founders. “Our goal is to ensure that minority-owned businesses thrive and contribute significantly to the economy.”

Prospective attendees can register for the Juneteenth Business Summit on Eventbrite and connect with Global Apex Elite across all social media platforms. For more detailed information, visit Global Apex Elite.

The launch of Global Apex Elite represents more than just the inception of a new organization; it marks the beginning of a concerted effort to transform the entrepreneurial landscape for minority businesses. As the date approaches, anticipation builds for what promises to be a pivotal event in the ongoing journey toward economic equality and empowerment.

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