Exclusive Interview With Sherice Brown Founder Of ShèBrown Fitness And Off The Field NFL Wives Association

SDM- Sherice, you are well known as the wife of NFL Hall of Famer Tim Brown, but you are so much more. You are a mother, entrepreneur, speaker and most importantly a woman of God. Before we dive  into your endeavors, take us back to the beginning.  You currently reside in Dallas now, but you are originally from California, correct?

Sherice- Yes, I’m originally from Southern California, but I was born in Phoenix, Arizona. My family relocated to California when I was about three months old and that’s where I grew up and spent most of my adult life until I married my husband and moved to Dallas, TX.


SDM- You and Tim were married in 1997 and Tim played for the LA Raiders until his retirement in 2004. While he was playing, you had an idea for a fashion show for the NFL Wives. Tell us about your vision.


Sherice- I’ve been blessed to accompany my husband to the Super Bowl each year to his appearances, golf tournaments and award ceremonies. It was always a great time of comradery and sisterhood  with the wives. My dear friend, Angela Allen, conversed about how we could give back to the Super Bowl host communities. I have always loved fashion and was inspired at the time by Holly Robinson Peete’s annual Grid-Iron Glamour fashion show. From that point, we put two and two together and hosted our own fashion show that included the NFL wives and later, the players.


SDM- The fashion show grew and eventually it turned into the Off the Field NFL Wives Association, of which you are the co-founder. Can you share more about  the organization?


Sherice- Off the Field is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The membership comprises of the significant others and wives of active or retired NFL players who are united and empowered to perform and support philanthropic initiatives that enhance the quality of life for families in our communities. Our activities include lunch-and-learns where we gather  to learn about various topics such as financial literacy, health and wellness and brain injury awareness.  The annual celebration of a Woman of Impact  award is given to one of our members who shows continued dedication to causes and  is committed to community service and philanthropy. We also have a Danielle Beverly Courage Award, which is awarded to an individual who personifies an incredible amount of strength and determination. This award is named after Danielle Beverly, a courageous member of Off the Field who battled and beat breast cancer four times. Lastly, every year at Super Bowl we host a celebrity fashion show consisting of NFL wives, their husbands, children and models. We use this event to partner with other charities in the respective city to raise money for a good cause. In the past we have worked with Cantu, Toyota-Lexus, the NFL and other generous partners and have raised over $1 Million dollars for hospitals and non-profits that support children and families. Our entire existence thrives on serving as a sisterhood where women gather to support and uplift each other.


SDM- Not only did you serve as the Co-Founder of that organization, but you are also the CEO and Founder of She-Brown Fitness. What was the catalyst behind starting this company?

Sadly, I lost my grandmother to complications of diabetes at the age of sixty-six. It was very heartbreaking, especially due to the fact  there was so much more that could have been done to prevent her untimely passing, namely health and nutrition. This is what led me to become a wellness coach, nutritionist, personal trainer, and Founder of She-Brown Fitness. I take great pride in being able to uphold the mission of educating women over forty on healthy living and the importance of exercise and mental wellness. I’m equally grateful that my clients trust me to help them make the adjustments necessary to protect their longevity and quality-of-life. Moving forward, my primary passion is to make sure that my mom doesn’t follow in the footsteps of my grandmother, but instead, is able to enjoy her future years in physical and mental wellness.


SDM- In addition to your fitness company, you also found time to become a realtor! What inspired you?


Sherice- Yes, I became a realtor because of my love for beautiful homes. I often had family and friends who would come to visit Dallas and always ask about the real estate in Dallas and if I could show them around. The economy was just so much more affordable compared to Southern California. I’m happy to say several of our family members have relocated here. This was right after my brother passed away and I honestly needed something in my life that I could focus on and not focus on the tremendous loss I had just experienced.


SDM- On a very personal level, you went through a traumatic event starting at the age of three and continued for a period. You were the victim of molestation. Take us through this extremely difficult time that no one should ever have to experience.


Sherice- Yes, it was an extremely traumatic experience that happened to me as a child. I was a product of child molestation by my uncle. It truly affected my childhood, young adult life, my marriage, and because of the damage to my body, I experienced preterm labor with both of my pregnancies. In those times of distress is where I found God. I heard God speaking to me and through that darkness I found light.


SDM- You embody the statement, “You don’t look like what you have been through.” Your faith in God through Jesus Christ is evident in all that you do and your desire to help others. This year you are partnering with Elizabeth Smart, the girl, now woman, who was once abducted. We know trafficked woman and girls are present at the Super Bowl and it is a very ugly, but real side of what goes on during Super Bowl week. How did this partnership come about?


Sherice- The partnership came about after my husband met Elizabeth Smart. In a conversation with her, she mentioned her new initiative in which she teaches self-defense to children so they can protect themselves from predators. Itis called SMART Defense. My husband loved the initiative and introduced her to me and from there we were able to begin the collaborative process on a philanthropic event. Through exploring our traumatic experiences, we emphatically agreed that more awareness is necessary for both victims of abduction and intrafamilial child molestation. We decided on a golf event at Top Golf in Las Vegas during the Super Bowl. Many people would rather choose to ignore what is happening because they don’t want to highlight something so terrible, but it’s important that we educate those who may not know how to protect themselves, especially those close to home, as Houston leads the U.S. in human sex trafficking.


SDM- Sherice, thank you for your dedication to the community! You are an incredible woman of God and I know a movie of your life is in the future! Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?


Sherice- Faith. Family. Fashion. Fitness. Those are my true passions and the pillars by which I live my life. I’m excited to transform lives in the new year and raise money for this year’s upcoming Fashion show in Las Vegas. We have chosen a local charity, the Fred Biletnikoff Foundation. They are  building a healing center on the St. Jude Ranch for young women that are victims of sex trafficking and traumatic experiences. It will be our 23rd annual fashion show. We have raised over a million dollars for charity and are looking forward to witnessing our impact in the Las Vegas community.

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