Exclusive Interview with Nuru Witherspoon, The Founder Of the Witherspoon Law Group

Nuru, your law firm has been on a streak winning cases for clients and giving back to the community. Take us back a bit. Are you originally from the Dallas area and what sparked your interest to be a lawyer?

Nuru– I arrived at Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas right after high school. I have lived all over the country and seeing minorities were being treated unfairly in different cities directed my steps to becoming a lawyer and partnering with Kay Harper Williams.


SDM– In addition to leading your law firm, you are also a family man. You are married with kids also. How do you balance family life with being a busy lawyer?

Nuru– To balance family and work you must learn to say “no” and set boundaries.


SDM– What types of cases does your law firm specialize in?

Nuru– We are the #1 trusted law firm for serious injury and wrongful death cases.


SDM-! What do you attribute to your firm’s success and what separates you from other firms?

Nuru– Our team is the best. My law partner Kay Harper Williams brings a unique and valuable perspective as an African American woman. She is a tough litigator and we are both fortunate to have the best legal minds in the country on our team.


SDM– You were in a highly publicized national case recently, how did you come to represent them?

Nuru– We were selected because our reputation as attorneys that relentlessly pursue justice for our clients has reached millions of people. I’m proud to say that many attorneys hire us to represent them, which is a testament to our work.


SDM– When you represent clients you make sure you get them the biggest settlements possible! What was one of the biggest settlements you have won for a client?

Nuru– Settlements are confidential, but the firm battled and won against the largest companies in the world including Amazon, Fed Ex and Coca Cola.


SDM– When you are not winning cases, you are giving back to the community. What are some of the things you do at your firm to give back?

Nuru– We are the only black-owned and operated firm in the country to build a community center that focuses on black culture, values, and heritage.


SDM-If someone has been in a car wreck, or if they are involved in a situation where they need a lawyer that covers your services, how can you be reached for representation? Why should they call you first?

Nuru– Follow us on Instagram @witherspoonwewin or call 844.WE.WIN44. We treat our clients like family and with the respect they deserve.


SDM– Are there any other words of wisdom that you would like to leave with our readers?

Nuru– Be authentic, original and support black-owned businesses that give back to the community.

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