Entrepreneur Victor Adetiba launches technology training for working professionals

ManseTek Academy closes the racial-wealth gap using technology as the great equalizer

Dallas, Texas, September 14, 2022 – Founded by IT Professional and Entrepreneur Victor Adetiba, MansaTek has successfully graduated over 60 plus graduates most without an IT background and/or college degree in 3-6 months with $18,472,290 in job offers and extended community assistance of post-graduation. Mr. Adetiba states “Technology will be the great equalizer for Blacks globally, but we are a demographic that is grossly underrepresented in the industry.” As a coach and trainer for international corporations such as Nike, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Toyota, and Microsoft, Mr. Adetiba has solidified his niche and expertise in Information Technology and found a passion for helping people make the occasionally intimidating transition into technology.

“The program has introduced me to a career field I could have never dreamed of. The format of the program is very user-friendly. It takes you step by step and helps you to learn how to become a Scrum Master. The platform is easy to follow, the videos very informative, the support of the team through What’s App is invaluable, and being able to contact Victor for support is a plus. I also like the fact that after training, there is an option to continue having support. I would highly recommend the program to anyone looking to change their life,” said Mansatek Academy Graduate, Shitonda J.

The MansaTek Academy assists professionals as they transition into 6-figure executive careers in technology and innovation through online accelerated training coaching and mentorship.

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To learn more about MansaTek Academy or to transition to your new technology career visit  http://academy.mansatek.com.

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