Dallas Natives Discover Hollywood Love and Success

By: Keeshala Henderson

Starring in BET’s hit drama series “American Soul” and “Games People Play”, and now Hulu’s “Reasonable Doubt”, Jeremie Rivers and Perrí Camper Rivers are Dallas natives who discovered love and now success in the entertainment industry.  Adding film production to their impressive list of achievements, “She Had to Ask”, a short independent film, was an official selection for various film festivals, including Denton in 2021. They are definitely representing Texas in LaLa Land! 

SDCM – When did you both discover your passion for acting?

Perrí – I first discovered my passion for acting at the age of 10 when I delivered my Easter speech in church. I studied theater at Lincoln High School Magnet and radio, television, video and film at UNT.   

Jeremie – I was first bitten by the entertainment bug in the first grade when I performed in my Zavala Elementary talent show and studied theater in middle school and high school at S. Grand Prairie High.  We both took acting classes at the phenomenal Black Academy of Arts and Letters under the highly accomplished Akin Babatunde.  

SDCM – In May, you were united in marriage at The Dallas Oasis in Red Oak in one of the most exquisite, entertaining and romantic weddings of the year, which was featured on BET Her’s “Urban Beauty TV Wedding Edition” in September!  When and how did this fairytale journey of love begin?

Jeremie – The story of love started when we were introduced to each other at rehearsal for a play by Derick Grant, “My Father’s House”, in Dallas, Texas at my church, Mountain View Church of Christ. In this play, which premiered at the Black Academy of Arts & Letters, I was the lead character and Perrí played my girlfriend. Everyone saw our chemistry and immediately assumed we were dating, but we weren’t. We flirted, but weren’t dating! In turn, it sparked a friendship that led to us becoming best friends and this game of flirting lasted six years until Perrí relocated to New York.  Two years later and still friends, I visited Perrí for the holidays and it changed everything.  

SDCM – What led you to pursue your dreams in Los Angeles, resulting in landing simultaneous roles on two of BET network’s signature shows, Perrí in “American Soul” (Delores Cornelius) and Jeremie in “Games People Play” (Jebediah Hawthorne)?

Perrí – My job as an executive assistant for BET, relocated me to Los Angeles where I had an opportunity to be a reader to assist in auditions for TV programs. As a reader, my performance was so great that casting advised that I should actually audition for the role of Delores Cornelius, the wife of legendary Don Cornelius, and the rest is history!  

Jeremie – I moved to LA in September 2018, with aspirations to start my acting career in LA, and auditioned for “Games People Play” in front of legendary casting director Robi Reed in October 2018.  Robi’s response was, “Well okay Jeremie Rivers, you can act!” and by November 2018, I was offered the part for a recurring role.

SDCM – The new, steamy drama “Reasonable Doubt” is now streaming with Perrí’s recurring role as Kaleesha Moore, alongside a star-studded cast. Jeremie has excitedly launched into national television commercials.  What’s on the horizon?

P&J – We plan to produce our own streaming content from short films, to features and scripted series through mergers and through our own production companies: One Happy Camper & Riverdoc Productions. 

SDCM – Your undeniable friendship and profound love for each other is truly evident. How do you balance and support each other in friendship, marriage and the pursuit of common goals and dreams in entertainment?

P&J – We are best friends first, united under the leadership of Christ as our navigator. Conversations are candid regarding our careers and relationship. We are each other’s biggest fan, so we always give real in-depth feedback regarding acting notes, career advice and strength through prayer.  It’s exciting and safe to know that we can talk about and understand the industry’s ups and downs. We are hilarious and make each other laugh, often impersonating each other!

SDCM – Can you share any words of wisdom with someone who desires a career in the entertainment industry or to step out on faith to pursue any dream?

P&J – Please pursue your dreams! Don’t be afraid to do the work required for your dreams to come true. The entertainment industry is an industry based on NO, but all you need is a YES for things to take off. Keep pressing on until you get that YES!

SDCM:  Congratulations and we are so proud of you!  

Check out the wedding highlights on BET.com, “Urban Beauty TV” and “Reasonable Doubt” on Hulu. 

Facebook:  Perrí Camper Rivers and Jeremie Rivers

Instagram:  @perricamper and @jeremie_rivers

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