Daisha Board Opens Second Art Gallery Location, Becomes the First Black-Owned, Woman-Owned Gallery Downtown

By: Leah Frazier

Daisha Board has arrived — and whether she’s in Uptown, Downtown, Midtown or all around, the award-winning curator is making it known that Dallas’ art scene is in need of more diversity, and she is just the woman to create it — unapologetically.

On April 22nd, during Dallas Arts Month, Daisha Board Gallery became the first black-owned, woman-owned art gallery in Downtown Dallas — marking the second location for the eponymous brand. However, this was no simple feat for the former real estate professional, now art aficionado. After several “no’s”, and many closed doors, Daisha’s relentless pursuit for an accessible and inclusive art community is now being realized.

“Several friends, family and lenders did not believe in my vision to open a contemporary art gallery,” Board tells Southern Dallas Magazine, just prior to her latest gallery opening. “The art world at its core has always been an exclusive club. The Daisha Board Art Gallery is a ‘safe space’ for anyone who’s interested in educating, engaging, and acquiring art. I’m extremely proud that more than half of my collectors are women and intergenerational.”

Daisha Board Gallery’s first location opened in late 2021 in West Dallas near the Tin District, Trinity Groves and the Belmont Hotel — shortly thereafter, it was named as one of Dallas’ Best Art Galleries. While Board continues to collect (not just art), but notable nods and firsts throughout the city, she can now add being the first black-owned, woman-owned art gallery in Downtown Dallas to her list of wins.

Luxuriously adjacent to the Joule Hotel and Traffic, the second location of Daisha Board Gallery has now opened, showcasing the art and collections of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and artists with disabilities — a business model and mission that rings close to Board’s heart, no matter where she is in the city.

“Other galleries are not my blueprint for success,” Board said. “I knew that there was a void in the representation of women artists, BIPOC artists, and LGBTQIA+ artists, and that we exist in this world every day — not only when it’s convenient. I’m paving ways for more socio political artists to be seen in institutional and major contemporary art fairs. Engaging with artists at multiple stages is extremely important to challenge the hierarchy and reduce barriers to entry.”

Speaking of barriers to entry, art is for everyone and not just the elite. Yet, another myth that Board seeks to destigmatize.

“I offer installment repayment plans for younger buyers, which allows them to access the market — in addition to selling to typically wealthy collectors,” Board shared. “Everyone can own art.”

The new Daisha Board Gallery location is at The Joule at 1604 Main Street, Suite 100. The gallery is open daily, except for Wednesday and Sunday’s. Visit DaishaBoardGallery.com for more info.

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