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SDM– Ann, you are the Queen of connecting people! You seem to know everybody. Have you always been good at connecting people?

Ann– Thank you! I appreciate the compliment. Yes, I have always had a natural ability to connect with people. My mom even says I was this way before I started school. It is something I have always enjoyed doing.

SDM– You are originally from Carthage, TX. What brought you to Dallas and how long have you been here?Ann- Yes, I am originally from Carthage, TX. My family moved to Dallas when I was around two years old and we have been here ever since.


SDM– You are well-known for the law advertisement billboards. Although you are not a lawyer, I am certain several people thought you were! How did you get into the business of marketing for law firms?

Ann– It is funny how those billboards can make an impression! Although I’m not a lawyer, I understand how important effective marketing is for law firms looking to connect with clients. I got into the business of marketing for law firms through my background in communications and advertising. My experience in connecting people and understanding their needs translated well into helping law firms present their services in a compelling way. It has been a rewarding journey combining my skills with the legal industry.

SDM– Now you have your own firm! Congratulations to you on forming Consult Ms. Ann LLC! Tell us about your new venture and how you assist other businesses.

Ann– Thank you! I’m really excited about this new chapter with Consult Ms. Ann LLC. My firm focuses on helping businesses elevate their marketing strategies and connect more effectively with their target audience. We offer tailored marketing solutions, including branding, digital campaigns, and content creation, to help companies stand out in their industry. By understanding each business’s unique needs, we can craft campaigns that resonate with potential clients and drive more business their way. My goal is to empower companies to achieve their full potential through strategic, innovative marketing.

SDM– I know your focus has been law firms. Do you only serve market law firms or other industries well?

Ann– While I have established a strong reputation working with law firms, my firm, Consult Ms. Ann LLC, serves a variety of businesses across different industries. Although I have a deep understanding of the legal sector, my expertise in marketing and branding extends beyond law firms. I work with other types of businesses to help them enhance their presence, connect with their audience, and grow their market share. I am passionate about helping all kinds of companies succeed through effective and strategic marketing.

SDM– You made it clear that your faith in Christ plays a huge role in your business and your life in general. Tell us how your faith has helped you.

Ann– My faith in Christ is at the heart of everything I do, both in business and in life. It provides me with a strong foundation and guides my decisions, interactions, and values. In business, my faith encourages me to approach each client and project with integrity, compassion and honesty. It also reminds me to be patient and trust in the process, even during challenging times.

In life, my faith keeps me grounded and grateful. It helps me maintain a positive perspective and treat others with kindness and respect. Ultimately, my faith gives me the strength and courage to pursue my goals while staying true to my beliefs and principles. I am grateful for the peace and purpose it brings to every aspect of my life.

SDM– You not only serve marketing clientele in Dallas, but in St. Loius and other places as well, with St. Louis being an important market sector. Tell us about your St. Louis connection and why having business in different markets is significant.

Ann– Yes, St. Louis has become an important market for my business and I have established strong connections there. My ties to St. Louis began with some key clients in the area and I have since built lasting relationships with businesses across various industries. The city’s vibrant business community and unique market dynamics make it a great place for my marketing services to thrive.

Having business in different markets like St. Louis allows me to expand my reach and gain diverse perspectives on industry trends and consumer behaviors. This broader experience helps me stay agile and adapt strategies to meet different regional needs. It also allows me to bring fresh ideas and insights to each market I serve, ultimately enhancing the quality of service I provide to all my clients. Being present in multiple markets is a key factor in the growth and success of my business.

SDM– Tell us something about you that may surprise people?

Ann– In my twenties, I had the privilege of working at the esteemed law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, where I encountered two remarkable individuals. First, the late Congressman Vernon Jordan, a true luminary in the legal and civil rights arena. Second, the legendary Muhammad Ali, often hailed as the greatest of all time (GOAT). As a PBX operator, I interacted with Mr. Jordan over the phone and he graciously complimented my telephone voice. These encounters left an indelible mark on my professional journey.

SDM– You have been  naturally connecting people for a while. Why did you decide to officially transition your passion into a business venture? What was the turning point?

Ann– Yes, I have been in the business of connecting people for quite some time now. My journey in the business of connecting people started as a natural extension of my passion for bringing individuals together and facilitating meaningful relationships. I found great satisfaction in helping people network and collaborate, whether it was for business opportunities or personal connections. Over time, I began to recognize the demand for this skill set and the positive impact it had on those around me.

The turning point when I knew I had a business and not just something I happened to do well was when I saw the tangible value my efforts brought to others. I started receiving consistent requests for my services and recommendations from satisfied clients. This validation from the community, along with the realization that my work could be scalable and sustainable, made me understand that I could turn my passion for connecting people into a thriving business.

SDM– What are some significant business lessons you have learned?

Ann– To ensure clarity and accountability, always enter into contracts and agreements in writing—if it isn’t in black and white, it didn’t happen. Your communication should be clear, transparent, and honest, as this is essential for building a successful business. Understanding your clients’ businesses helps you cater to their specific needs and foster strong relationships. Surround yourself with talented, motivated individuals whose energy matches your own to create a dynamic and productive team.

SDM– What advice would you give you other entrepreneurs?

Ann– The journey of entrepreneurship can be challenging, but perseverance is key—never quit and don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams. Stay focused on your goals and vision and remember that setbacks are a natural part of the process. Surround yourself with supportive people who believe in your vision and use any doubts or criticisms as fuel to push forward. Keep your determination strong and remember that with hard work and resilience, you can achieve your dreams.

SDM– How can companies or organizations contact you about your services?

Ann– Companies or organizations can get in touch with me about my services by contacting Consult Ms. Ann LLC at 214-715-4294 or

SDM– Is there anything you would like to leave with our readers?

Ann– My mission is to continue to be community-minded and spiritually driven in helping people across the world by connecting them with the right resources for their business needs. From start to Finish, I will see you through the process.


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