Congratulations To Tommy Jones of Wealth Through Real Estate

on Celebrating One Year In Business!

If anyone said it would be easy being in business, they obviously are not a business owner. Tommy had been in the real estate business for many years on the mortgage banker side, but he decided a year ago to start a company showing people how to invest in real estate. Since then, Tommy has taught countless students to buy and sell real estate as investors. Tommy is a hands-on teacher and so many of his students are with him at the courthouse buying properties! The other part that Tommy says is very gratifying is selling homes to regular families at an affordable price. Tommy says, “my goal and my students’ goals are to buy homes, fix them up and sell them to people at prices that aren’t outrageous.

There are times that I can sell a nice fixed up home in the mid to upper $200’s.” Those prices are almost unheard of in the Dallas/Ft. Worth housing market where the median home price is $395,000 in Dallas and $325,00 in Fort Worth. His most well-known student perhaps is Lady Jade! In her first deal, she made over $60,000 and the new homeowner got a wonderful home at a great price.

It was a win-win for everyone and that is what gives Tommy real satisfaction. We are excited to see where his company is headed, and we hope he and his students will continue to create wealth through real estate in our communities! For more information on how you can learn to invest in real estate, go to his website at


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