CEO Sit-Down With Survivor’s Ball Founder Angelia Scott-Dunbar


How did the Survivor’s Ball originate?   Survivors Ball originated by me realizing there are too many people stuck in dark spaces, that need help to come out in order to live in their purpose.  When I was going through Cancer, I realized I had to Choose to Live.  It takes so much out of you, that you have to make a choice.    

 The categories for honorees are specific.  How did you land on the various categories? Survivors are all types and walks of life.  One category or gender is not greater than the other.  It takes the same will to fight to get through it.

What is the nomination and selection process?  You can nominate someone by going to and click on nominate someone or email us to share your story.

Is the Survivors Ball funded by completely by you or do you have sponsors?  If there are sponsors, how can they contribute?  As of to date, Survivors Ball has primarily been solely funded by me.  We have been blessed to receive a few donations and sponsorships over the years, and for that I am grateful.  We would gladly accept sponsorship and donors.  You can do so by reaching out to me at 214.476.3091 and/or going to and click to donate and /or sponsor.  We are currently in need of a building for our Survivors Triage and also a home for caregivers and victims.

Each story of survival is phenomenal!  Is there one story that is the most memorable for you?  They all stand out.  But I will say this year’s event had more male survivors than ever before.  To see men bravely share their stories and how they too overcame was amazing.   Survivors Ball is nothing like you have ever witnessed or will experience.   You must be there.

What is the lasting impact you want the Survivors Ball to have on survivors, their families and the community?  I want to use my platform to reach back and help someone start their healing process.  Show them they too can make it out.  And that they are and can be all that God called them to be.   I remind them, I am just like you.  A survivor!

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