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With Founder Ro Strickland

Ro Strickland, founder of Business Lounge Dallas, is a true business visionary and executor of the phenomenal concept educating, connecting and supporting entrepreneurs. Whether a start-up or an established business, the Business Lounge Dallas offers a wealth of resources and amenities to entrepreneurs in one single location.

SDM – Ro Strickland you are doing a phenomenal job at the Business Lounge Dallas! Before we dive into it, tell us a little about yourself? Are you from Dallas?

Ro – I am originally from Arkansas, but I have been in Texas my whole adult life.

SDM – So tell us about the Business Lounge Dallas and all that you offer to entrepreneurs? Why did you start it?

Ro – The Business Lounge is a business resource center and event space. We are equipped with private offices, a podcast room, a mailroom, 2 lounge areas for business events and resources.

I started the Business Lounge because when I was looking for business help, I didn’t see resource centers where people looked like me. I wanted to create a resource center in the community where entrepreneurs are motivated and inspired by what they see when they walk through the doors.

SDM – Wow! That’s really great. Can anyone rent out the event space? You also teach people how to make their event space profitable. Tell us about that?

Ro – Yes, I teach a masterclass about event spaces. Everything that I have learned since launching in 2018 with no money. The lounge can be rented out for business events or sit down dinners.

SDM – I love what you are doing at the Business Lounge Dallas! Recently you went through a divorce while running your business. How did that affect you? You have been doing videos on Facebook talking about that experience. Has that been therapeutic for you?

Ro – The videos have been a way for me to release. It was really hard. It was hard for me to focus and I was spread so thin…and trying to make everything make sense with the new family dynamic was work.

SDM – Ro, you are a Business Queen Warrior and we wish you the absolute best! Is there anything you would like to leave with our readers that we may have not discussed?

Ro – Yes. Consistently move forward. Even when it looks like it’s going wrong, its going right if you learn something along the way.

SDM – For those business owners who may be interested in your services, how can they reach you and also how can they follow you on social media?

Ro – Our name is the same on all platforms, Business Lounge Dallas, and we are on all platforms.

Thank you Ro for advocating for the entrepreneurial community!

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