Book Of The Month- “Freedom Ain’t Free” By Katrina Harris

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Katrina Harris has authored the book, “Freedom Ain’t Free” to tell her life’s story and it is one of hurt, pain, loss and God’s restoration. Southern Dallas Magazine interviewed Katrina about her book, and she held nothing back.

SDM– Katrina, it took a lot of courage to write this book. Before we jump into it, tell us a little about yourself.

Katrina– I am a mother to some amazing, amazing, amazing heartbeats, my babies. I am a wife to this amazing man and I am a GG to my amazing grandbabies. I do have a job in the medical field. I am also the co-owner of Smokey D’z BBQ in Duncanville, TX and recently  proud to say that I am an author. Wheeewwww Whoooooo!

I am a coach for those looking to become their best self, especially in life after lock-up. I am a motivational speaker to all women, men and teens who need hope to press into their greatest calling. I am a podcast host of my show “Keeping It Real With Lady K” where we talk about life experiences and how we endure while persevering through it all, at all costs.

My life’s purpose still remains in the space of “everything has an expiration date.”  You are not your past, nor your present. One must live to have a better future through and from all things that once were, while stepping into all that was destined to be! God is so good. I am just giving my Lord and Savior my best YES!


SDM– Tell us the story behind your book “Freedom Ain’t Free”.

Katrina- The story behind my book is that I want people to know that if I can make it, then they can make it too. More than anything I want them to know that your past does not define your future! Listen, everything has an expiration date to it! Everything has an expiration date and as long as we know that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning! Hey, twenty-eight years later, literally the joy is here, and we are going to tell the story! So, that is pretty much the story behind “Freedom Ain’t Free”!

It is a memoir about my life, from where my journey started to where I am today! It was not easy in any way at all, but it was worth it and if I don’t testify about it how will anyone else know they can and will make it out of the worse days into their best days too!


SDM– What made you want to write it now?

Katrina– What made me write my story now is that back in 2018 I almost died. While I was in the ICU room over at Methodist Dallas God said, “I NEED YOU TO TELL YOUR STORY! I NEED YOU TO TELL IT! I kept you alive… again! I spared your life… again! It’s time for you to TELL YOUR STORY! I mean you have to look past the shame of it, it is a part of your journey, it is a part of your story and people need to really hear your story!”

So, here I am! Without zero edits, I am not leaving anything out. I am finally telling my story! I am not really worried about what people are going to say, think or any of that!  I am here to tell it, but more than anything I am here to let them know, that again… you write your own chapter! You write how your story is going to end. You write the conclusion of that chapter of the book! I am here to tell it and yeah, that is pretty much my why! It is time!


SDM– Did you seek out counseling to deal with what you went through and do you encourage others to do the same?

Katrina– I did seek out counseling. The funny thing is I just sought it out about three years ago and I only did it for a few months! I don’t think I was ready to go through that process of counseling!

Did it help me at the time? It did! It took me a while to seek it out because for years I didn’t believe in counseling because the church I went to didn’t believe in counseling and we just said we need to pray about everything. So, today I would absolutely tell people to seek out counseling to help them deal with their trauma.

Do I feel like it helped me when I sought it out? It absolutely did, but if we can be honest, you have to be able to receive and you have to be ready for the change when you go through counseling. That’s the only way it’s going to work. If you are not ready to receive and not ready for the change, you can HANG IT UP because it is not going to work!


SDM– As a result of you writing your book, you have been invited to talk shows, sought out for speaking engagements, and more! Tell us some of the exciting things that you are doing!

Katrina– Some exciting things that I am doing and that God is doing is He is showing up, He is showing out  and He is doing the plum full K! Shoutout to my team FHG Entertainment LLC. We have some exciting things that are happening. I just arrived back from New York. I was on the Phil and Friends Radio show doing a powerful interview on WHCR 90.3 FM NYC with Phil who is truly amazing and set the bar for my book tour interviews! I am preparing for my book signing tour, a press run with FHG Entertainment LLC and Poise The Firm  team. Upcoming speaking engagements from local to global and so much more than I can’t speak on just yet… but stay tuned. You may just see me on TV quite a few times this year. I am humbled, grateful and so excited!


SDM– Sometimes we don’t tell our story because our family may not be supportive or even personal shame. Your husband was very supportive. How important was that for you?

Katrina– Oh my God! My husband Derrick and my children have been my number one fans. Without my family, the ones who went through this with me, my brother, my mother, most of all my children, and my husband, I probably, no, I know I would not have been able to pull this off! Their support has meant the world to me and for that I am so thankful. I am so grateful. Wow, I am so grateful for it all!


SDM– Through it all you are certainly not just surviving but thriving! How can we find your book? Also, are there words of wisdom that you would like to leave with our readers?

Katrina– Yes you can find my book on my website for a signed customized copy and on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and Walmart starting May 7,  2024 and onward. I am so excited for all of you to take this journey with me from pain to purpose!

My words of wisdom are Your past does not define your future! Keep Going, Keep Growing and Keep Glowing. All I want to do is be a voice for the voiceless and YOU WILL WIN IF YOU DON’T QUIT! YOU WILL WIN IF YOU DON’T QUIT!” Thank you so much! God bless you!



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